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Don’t just put your business on a map; put your message on the shopper’s route! Improve your mobile advertising relevancy and efficiency.

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YILLIO provides mobile users with a fast and easy way to search for your business along their route; whether it’s on a daily commute or a weekend getaway.

User Experience

YILLIO’s patented route-based search engine and social map uses location, navigation and a variety of contextual inputs to match mobile users with relevant places, offers, and consumer shared information along a user’s plotted or contemplated route. In real-time, share business information and relevant messages with users so they can see what’s happening before they pass you by.

Merchant Experience:

Route-Based Search:

YILLIO’s patented route-based search engine improves your advertising reach, relevancy, efficiency, and conversion. Really….ask yourself, who wants to backtrack for a cup of coffee when you can find it ahead of you?